First Signing Party

I’m excited to announce that our first book signing is scheduled for Saturday, June 2 in the Pittsburgh area (details to follow). My friend Amory and I were chatting and the idea came up and she made the offer and we accepted.

Well, for my wife Pauline and I, it’s taken on this whole new life. We’re planning on asking everybody we know around the country if they’ll have a party and a book signing for the quintessential book on presidential elections, “The Best Looking One Always Wins.” We’re teachers, so we’re free all June and all July. It can be at a coffee house like Amory is planning or a personal house for the people who don’t know the “best coffee house owners” in their locale.

The way we see it, the worst thing that could happen is Amory is the only one who says yes, we drive to her house, hang out for a couple days, meet her people, sell no books, and take the slow road home. That’s the worst it can get.

The best it can get is if you decide to be like Amory. Then we’d have more places to go. To be like Amory, all you have to do is contact me through one of the portals. As you know, we’re free most of the summer. We are busy, though, on June 2.


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