Donald Trump is George Washington

The other day, my twin (Donald Trump) and I were reminiscing about how similar his campaign was to the very first campaign, the one that featured the Father of Our Country, George Washington.

The most obvious similarity between the two was the unanimous love each received from the American people. Washington didn’t even campaign. He would have preferred to retire, but the United States needed a president and pretty much everybody thought he was the best choice. They begged him to be president, and eventually Washington agreed to let everybody vote for him.

Washington was adored throughout the land. He was our first celebrity: a wealthy, attractive, dignified war hero. Trump was also a celebrity and something of a war hero. He’d never actually fought in battle, but he had a lot of unprotected sex during the AIDS epidemic, which he once identified as being every bit as dangerous as being a soldier in Vietnam.

On Election Day in 1789, George Washington received over 90% of the vote. My twin (Donald Trump) and I don’t remember exactly what percentage he received in 2016, but we do know the totals are very close. So, yeah, Donald Trump is George Washington.

For a full explanation of the Elections of 1789 and of 2016, please read my book.


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