Donald Trump is James Madison

Whenever my twin (Donald Trump) and I discuss his presidency, the similarities between my twin (Donald Trump) and the greatest of our Founding Fathers becomes more and more incredible. He might as well be the reincarnated James Madison.

When James Madison became president, there were fewer tools of instant communication. The telegraph hadn’t even been invented yet. Madison regretted this, saying that he wished there was a way to “broadcast laws by some instantaneous operation.” Madison thought the president specifically, and the government generally, would benefit by being able to communicate directly with the public.

Centuries later, Donald Trump would agree with James Madison. When he ran for president, Donald Trump learned that he could quickly reach the factions of voters that he sought.

Like Madison, Trump was aware that there was not really one unified version of the “American people.” As Madison wrote in Federalist No. 10, Americans are divided into what he called “factions.”  The causes of these divisions, Madison insisted, was “sown in the nature of man.” Madison felt that conflict among factions was inevitable, but that all factions were equally part of the people.

President Trump concurs with Madison here; my twin has no problem accepting the feelings of others with respect and concern. Oh, he might gently slap somebody with a learned lesson and an exclamation point or two, but it’s all in good fun. Just a way to broadcast the American Dream by some “instantaneous operation,” like Madison before him.

If Madison had had Twitter, he’d of used it. Madison would likely have been more positive. Additionally, as the Father of the Constitution, his Tweets would have been better written. Madison never hit anybody with an exclamation point.


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