Donald Trump is John Adams

I’ve written often of my twin-like similarity to President Trump. It seems self-centered of me when I consider the similarity between President Trump and President John Adams because by extension, I’m really writing about myself. Trump and Adams both liked to brag about their success with the ladies. Since I’m Trump’s twin, I am also similar to John Adams and a real success with the ladies.

If I remember correctly, there’s the famous story of John Adams speaking to the Boy Scout Jamboree and saying something like, “Because ye’ are an active delegation in the Scout House of Boy, I shall forego telling you how much leg I grabbed on that yacht.” Years later, Donald Trump–no stranger to braggadacio–would release his inner Adams by saying, “(in my youth) I was of amorous disposition…I had my favorites of the young women and spent many evenings in their company.”

OK, I might have gotten the two mixed up, but that’s because they were so similar. Anyway, one of them–I think it was Trump–made sure to point out that his womanizing went only so far, saying, “no virgin had cause to regret her acquaintance with me.” Adams was similarly controlled, though he did have a propensity to scream their names at his staffers while making a gesture so they knew which female body part he was calling them. Since some names worked better for this than others, historians often cite this as the reason for the revolutionary period’s reliance on last names like Spicer, Comey, and Mooch.

For a full explanation of the Elections of John Adams and Donald Trump, please read my book. 

By the way, the story about John Adams calling somebody “Spicer” and making a gesture to show which female body part he was calling them is totally untrue. Even if it were Donald Trump, the story would be untrue. Though decidedly more possible.


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