The ProGressiveTax

Ryil Adamson is the author of “The Best-Looking One Always Wins,” the premiere book on presidential elections.

Before I tell you about this tax plan that I like, let’s all get on the same page regarding how taxing works.

  1. We go out and make money to buy things, like clothes and cell phones.
  2. We also get things we don’t buy, like roads and schools.
  3. To pay for these things, the government takes some of our money and spreads it around. The politicians fight over how to take our money (including how much of it), and over how to spread it around.
  4. That’s the taxation system.

ProGressiveTax “ProPonents” aren’t concerned with how the money gets spread; those are games for politicians. We’re concerned with how the money gets collected. In short, here’s what we want to do: abolish the income tax and move all taxes to sales tax. We can collect the exact same amount of money, so nobody needs to be worried about whether they’re going to lose the help they need. That’s somebody else’s fight for another day.

The ProGressiveTax is research-based and it is actually laboratory-tested in the United States. In the US, the states that collect their taxes at the point of purchase instead of by income are the states with the fastest-growing economies.

I don’t know if conservatives will like this plan, because it’s an onslaught on poverty:

A. To make up for the increase in taxes on basic essentials, the government will send every household a “prebate” check every month, based on the household’s number of people. Immediately, the poorest among us will have an extra $500 or so every month for basics like food, rent, and clothing.

B. Since all other taxes will be abolished, businesses and employees will no longer have to pay a payroll tax. The payroll tax, a tax on your salary, is the biggest “F-U tax” to the working citizen that we have.

C. Since income will no longer be taxed, poor people on welfare won’t be punished for going out and finding extra work. Finally, they will have control over their own destiny.

D. Since everything will only get taxed once, used goods will be purchased tax-free. Suddenly, prices for the cheapest goods will drop.

E. By taxing at the point of purchase, we now catch income from drug dealers and other criminals. As a life of crime gets less lucrative, neighborhoods in poverty will be safer.

It all works: the ProGressive Tax Plan is an economically sound way to level the playing field. If we can just get the conservatives to buy in.

Ryil Adamson is the author of “The Best Looking One Always Wins,” which is the funniest political book ever written.

The ProGressive Tax, by the way, is not a real thing. I’m actually writing about the FairTax, which is led by a conservative group. If you are a liberal who liked it, perhaps you should check out the FairTax. If you are a conservative who was against the plan until you found out it wasn’t a liberal’s, you should check out the FairTax.


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