Trump is Andrew Jackson (At Cheese)

Donald Trump fancies himself as a new version of Andrew Jackson. One of their similarities, Trump feels, is there unabated concern for the “common man.”

One of the more famous Andrew Jackson stories is the big block of cheese. It seems that on his first inauguration day, somebody rolled a 1,200 pound block of cheese to him all the way from Philadelphia. Jackson, noting the needs of the common man, shared his cheese with them right in the middle of the White House. The people were so happy they ate the cheese and had a party. The party got so wild Jackson had to sneak out the window, but all was OK, because the people got to eat his cheese.

While true for the most part, this story misses the most obvious point: when you get a half-ton block of cheese as a present, you suddenly have a half-ton block of cheese in your house. When you get the block of cheese in 1828, you also don’t have a refrigerator. The cheese will turn stinky faster than you can eat it. So, sure, Andrew Jackson did the people a favor by sharing his cheese. It wasn’t all magnanimous, though.

Donald Trump’s “unabated concern” for the common man shows up in his tax cut. He has promised to distribute his tax cut to the common man as if it were cheese they can gobble up. It sure was nice of him to concern himself with tax cuts for others, but like Jackson, Trump was concerned with his own house. As it turned out, President Trump felt that he should get a tax cut, too, and so should his friends. Their tax cut turned out to be the biggest of all. It wasn’t a completely magnanimous effort.

I am the author of the “Best Looking One Always Wins,” which is the premiere book on presidential elections. For a complete history of the elections of Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump, please read my book.


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